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Manufacturer: Asmodee

Dive into the Greece of the Mythical Ages and discover Cyclades, a unique game of strategy with exceptional game materials.

Victory requires respect for all the gods - players cannot afford to sacrifice to only one god, but must pay homage to each of five gods in turn. Each turn, the players bid for the favors of the gods, as only one player can have the favor of each god per turn - and each player is also limited to the favor of a single god per turn.

Ares allows the movement of player armies and the building of Fortresses.

Poseidon allows players to move their navies and build Ports.

Zeus allows his followers to hire priests and build temples.

Athena provides her worshipers with philosophers and universities.

Apollo increases the income of his worshippers.

3-part game board
2 special dice
98 gold pieces
16 prosperity markers
5 figurines: Kraken, Minotaur, Medusa, Polyphemus, Chiron
17 Mythological Creature cards
17 Philosopher cards
18 Priest cards
4 large Got tiles
40 buildings: 10 Ports, 10 Fortresses, 10 Temples, 10 Universities
10 Metropolises
For each of the 5 game colors: 2 offering tokens, 8 Fleets, 3 territory tokens, 8 Troops, 1 screen

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 60-90 minutes

Note: Figures are made from colored plastic and are not painted.

NOTE: Manufactured by Matagot; Distributed by Asmodee North America.




Great game with a unique system and win conditions
In Cyclades players bid for the favor of the Gods each round and then are able to build their empire or attack the other player's empires depending on whose favor they have won in the round. Combat is a very simple system that uses the number of troops on each side plus a die adding 0-3. The focus of the game is on the bidding for the different Gods' favors which allow you to build troops, ships, building cities, reduce the cost of things, increase the value of an area, move, and attack. The goal of the game is to control 2 Metropolises at the end of the round, but it doesn't matter how you gain control of them and there are multiple ways to build them or take them from other players.
Game Play
Review by Alphawog on 9/15/2015
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