Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Thames Murders & Other Cases

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Manufacturer: Asmodee

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is a cooperative game, where the players, members of the Baker Street Irregulars, try to solve mysterious cases by walking the streets in search of clues. Unravel the string of intrigues, answer a series of questions and compare your detective skills to the those of the master sleuth himself, Sherlock Holmes. Can you beat the Master?

Solve 10 mysteries in Victorian London! The Mummy's Curse, The Munition Magnate, The Pilfered Paintings, The Thames Murders.Strange cases of the most famous detective ever: Sherlock Holmes! Equipped with a copy of The Times, a map of London, a directory, and - more importantly - your logic, you will roam the streets of London trying to solve the most heinous crimes. Will you visit the crime scene? Meet Inspector Lestrade? The decision is in your hands and each clue that you follow will bring you a step closer to the truth.

This game reimplements Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, initially published by Ystari (the 10 cases are the same).

1 Map of London
10 Case Booklets
10 Newspapers
1 Directory
1 Rulebook

Ages: 12+
Players: 1-8
Game Length: 90 minutes.

This game can be played on its own or combined with Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures for enhanced play.

NOTE: Manufactured by Space Cowboys; Distributed by Asmodee North America.




Awesome game for couples. Fans of Sherlock will love it
It is a beautiful game, i think the best experience is as 2 players, i went through the ten cases with my grilfriend and it was awesome, the exchange of ideas, thinking and investigating together was really fun.
The theme of the game is really well done, i loved reading the newspapers and finding interesting, funny and real (historic) news, and most of the time they were just for flavour, which just shows the care they had when making this game. My gf, a pretty big sherlock fan, also enjoyed every reference to the books, and the fun interaction between the Holmes, Lestrade and the gang.
The difficulty was nice, enough to get you thinking hard about the case, and the differentent clues also included other side stories or cases that you could solve too.
My only critique aside of the replay value (which i can't see how it could be fixed) is with the solutons to some cases, a couple of times we had the case pretty much solved with the same amount , or close, of clues as Sherlock, but we stayed investigating since we wanted clear proof, and sometimes Sherlock's deductions lacked concrete evidence of what he was stating.
I recommend using the same method that we ended up using, solve the cases with the fewest leads possible, tried to answer the questions, but before reading the answers and scoring we followed more leads and enjoyed the most we could out of the books, and only when we were satisfied we looked at the answers and the ending of each case.
Game Play
Review by Cristian R on 5/6/2018
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