Western Legends

Western Legends

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Manufacturer: Asmodee

Western Legends is an open-world sandbox tabletop adventure for 2-6 players set in the American Wild West. Players assume the roles of historical figures of the era, earning their legendary status in a variety of ways: gamble, drive cattle, prospect for gold, rob the bank, fight bandits, pursue stories, become an outlaw, keep the peace. The possibilities are darn near endless.

1 Game Board
6 Player Mats
6 Player Minis
6 Color Base Rings
1 Sheriff Mini
6 Bandit Minis
12 Scoring Cubes
12 Story Discs
2 Prospecting Dice
36 Gold Nuggets
1 General Store Stand
6 Wound Tokens
12 Character Cards
40 Story Cards
52 Poker Cards
6 Player Aids
48 Goal Cards
54 Item Cards
54 Money Cards
13 Fight Cards
11 Man in Black Cards
16 Cattle Tokens
18 Legendary Tokens
1 First Player Token
1 End of Game Marker
1 Rule Book

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 90-120 minutes

Note: Published by Kolossal Games; distributed by Asmodee North America.




A bang for the buck!
Let me start out by saying I used Kickstarter for my copy. I do not know for sure the differences between retail and that.
I completely love this game. It has really good replay value and none of the items were made cheaply. It is a high price tag but it is also a loaded box. I can’t recommend this game enough. The game is thematic. It is hard to be a outlaw but also the most rewarding. Go straight and do legal business but keep a good pace.
I really enjoy the game and there is expansions available as well as a second KS that is about to ship as I made this review.
Game Play
Review by Greenie on 11/6/2019
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