Battletech: Beginner Box (40th Anniversary)

Battletech: Beginner Box (40th Anniversary) (Preorder)

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Manufacturer: Catalyst Game Labs

Estimated Release Date: May 2024 - Delayed.

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BattleTech is the world's greatest armored combat game, filled with epic stories and gaming experiences to satiate any player: miniatures to RPG play, hobby painting to fiction, and beyond. The BattleTech Beginner Box is the first step on that fantastic journey and includes everything you need to get started: two high-quality miniatures, quick-start rules, a mapsheet, cards to represent your MechWarrior's unique skills, dice, and more.

Do you have what it takes to plant the banner of victory and become a legend? Leap into the action and find out!

Plastic components.

2 Miniatures
1 Rulebook (12 Pages)
8 Wet-Erase Record Sheets
1 Fiction Novella (24 Pages)
1 Universe Primer (4 Pages)
4 Pilot Cards
1 Double-Sided Full-Color Paper Map (18" x 22")
1 Punchboard of Additional BattleMechs and Terrain
2 Dice
1 Punchboard of Additional BattleMechs and Terrain
2 Dice

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and pre-assembled.