Termite Towers

Termite Towers

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Manufacturer: Bright Eye Games

Control Termites, Forage Wood, and Build the Colony!

In Termite Towers, each player controls a team of termites which needs to build their side of the mound above the colony. The player who builds the best wall and meets the most personal objectives in the winner!

Termite Towers is a sequel to Waggle Dance. While the games share some concepts, Termite Towers offers new rules and a higher level of challenge and complexity.

12 Action Cards
30 Queen Termite Cards
30 Wood Pile Cards
30 Blueprint Cards
144 Wooden Wood Cubes
16 Wooden Egg Tokens
4 Player Boards
4 Player Reference Cards
60 Worker Dice
20 Soldier Dice
32 Wooden Tunnels
28 Wooden Bonus Markers
1 First Player Card
24 Solo Cards
4 Autermite Player Aid

Ages: 10+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60-75 minutes