Suburbia: 5 Star Expansion

Suburbia: 5 Star Expansion

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Manufacturer: Bezier Games

Turn your borough into a tourist destination! Build landmarks, monuments, and tourist traps to increase your reputation and income while determining the player order each turn. In addition, the metropolitan area has expanded, allowing up to five players to build the city of their dreams.

Suburbia: 5 Star Expansion adds fifty new unique building tiles, a new resource to manage ("stars"), and components for a fifth player to Suburbia. The new "star" system determines the player order, provides bonuses and penalties to the most/least tourist-friendly towns, and even breaks ties for public and private goals. Suburbia: 5 Star Expansion works with the original Suburbia game, and can also be combined with Suburbia Inc.

1 Double-Sided ABC Stacks Board
1 Double-Sided Marketplace Board
1 Borough Board
3 Investment Markers
1 Wood Income Cylinder
1 Wood Population Square
1 Wood Reputation Cube
5 Turn Order Tiles
2 Suburbs Tiles
2 Community Park Tiles
2 Heavy Factory Tiles
3 Goal Tiles
15 Unique A Tiles
18 Unique B Tiles
17 Unique C Tiles
1 Bonus Tile
1 Challenge Tile
6 Borders
5 Wood Star Tokens

Ages: 13+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 90 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Suburbia is required to play.

• Tile Placement
• Card Drafting
• Set Collection
• Modular Board