Origins: First Builders

Origins: First Builders

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Origins: First Builders @ 1:14:10

They came to this planet, and they chose you. They uplifted your people and promised great prosperity. They provided the wisdom and the resources to build your cities sky high. They taught you the ways of culture, science, and warfare. They promised knowledge for any willing to learn. Come, Archon, guide your citizens to victory, under the watchful eyes of the Builders, our benefactors from beyond the skies above.

In Origins: First Builders, you are an archon, guiding a population of freemen, influencing the construction of buildings and monuments, climbing the three mighty zodiac temples, and taking part in an arms race - all in an effort to leave the greatest mark on mankind's ancient history.

You start the game with a city consisting of just two building tiles: the Agora tile and the Palace tile. As the game develops, your city will grow in both size and strength as you add new building tiles, each of which has a special ability that triggers when it is first added to a city and when closing a district. Your placement on the military track indicates the rewards you receive when you attack and your chances of becoming first player.

1 Rulebook
5 Plastic Motherships
4 Archon Miniatures
49 Dice
24 Plastic Dice Bases
20 Marker Disks
60 Tower Disks
83 Building Tiles
100+ Cardboard Tokens
12 Zodiac Tiles
12 Zodiac Cards
45 District Cards
4 Player Aid Cards
1 Game Board
4 Unique Player Boards

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 60-120 minutes

• Drafting
• Tile Placement
• Variable Set-up
• Worker Placement