Bolt Action: M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight Platoon

Bolt Action: M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight Platoon (New Arrival)

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Manufacturer: Warlord Games

Initially designated the M4A3(76)W HVSS but shortened to M4A3E8 (the E8 denoting the HVSS suspension), this medium tank was eventually nicknamed the 'Easy Eight' by the US soldiers who fought in and alongside them. The Easy Eight boasts several improvements over earlier M4 Sherman designs, such as the Horizontal Volute Suspension System (HVSS) and wider tracks, giving it better ground performance; welded hull instead of cast, giving better protection; and 76mm M1A2 main gun, putting it on par with the German 75mm guns.

The first Easy Eights were introduced in December 1944, just in time to see action in the Battle of the Bulge. Though the potency of its main gun threatened the Axis medium tanks, it still needed to target the rear armour on heavier German vehicles.

Over 2,500 Easy Eights were produced during the Second World War, and the design proved successful enough to see it continue to fight during the Korean War and even into the Vietnam conflict.

Includes three plastic Sherman M4A3E8 'Easy Eight' medium tank, Bolt Action stat card, three Bolt Action Order Dice, assembly guide, three full-colour waterslide decal sheets for US and Canadian vehicles and vehicle damage markers.

Plastic components.

3 Miniatures
  ‣ 3 Sherman M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" Medium Tanks
1 Stat Card
3 Order Dice
3 Decal Sheets (US & Canadian)
Damage Markers

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.