Windmill: Cozy Stories

Windmill: Cozy Stories

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Manufacturer: CrowD Games

Windmill: Cozy Stories is a game for friends and family. You and your fellow players will become storytellers, weaving short tales based on the hidden picture cards you draw. When it is your turn to tell a story, the other players will attempt to guess the visible card that matches your story. However, the best stories are not so obvious...

25 Large Storyteller Cards
25 Small Table Cards
1 Windmill Card
1 Boards with Points Track
5 Wooden Player Pawns
1 First Player Tokens
1 Rulebook

Ages: 8+
Players: 3-5
Game Length: 20-45 minutes

This game can be played on its own for up to 5 players or combined with Windmill: Cute Secrets to allow up to 10 players.

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