Deep State: New World Order

Deep State: New World Order

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Manufacturer: CrowD Games

Deep State @ 26:08

During the 20th century, the creation of a single world government became possible. You oversee a subdivision in a mysterious and powerful society - the "Committee." Its goal is to become that government.

Deep State: New World Order is a strategy game where you face many tactical choices as you pave your way to victory. It is based on numerous conspiracy theories. You seize the sources of power, manage your secret agents, and compete for the most influence! Disrupt the plans of your opponents and secure your place as the master of the world!

4 World Domination Project Sheets
6 Covert Operation Cards
68 Objective Cards
35 Secondary Objective Cards
46 Treaty Cards
1 Wooden Supervisor Token
1 Wooden Headhunter Token
50 Wooden Agent Tokens
10 Ghost Agent Tokens
3 Treaty Tokens
14 HOC Action Cards
1 HOC Identity Card
3 HOC Project Order Tokens
18 Men of Action Cards
1 Scoring Pad
11 Reference Cards
Game Rules & Reference Guide

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 40-75 minutes

• Hand Management
• Set Collection
• Worker Placement