Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends

Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends

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Manufacturer: Czech Games Edition

Mages clash in a spectacular battle, summoning phantasmagorical beings. But underneath the clamor of struggling monsters lies a duel of subtle intricacy. Here you will find the mystical intrigues of the Sylvan, the brutal fury of the Highlanders, and the incisive tactis of the Imperials. Lay your plans, strengthen your position, then unleash your full power by summoning a trememdous creature of legend to dominate the arena of Tash-Kalar.

Challenge a single opponent to a refined contest of skill or a straightforward deathmatch. Fight mulitple foes in a free-for-all melee. Or team up with a friend to outmaneuver the opposing team. Join the masters of Tash-Kalar!

84 Being Cards
- 18 Southern Empire
- 18 Northern Empire
- 18 Sylvan
- 18 Highland
- 12 Legendary

24 Task Cards
12 Flare Cards
1 Double-sided Game Arena
68 Double-sided Cardboard Pieces
12 Legendary Cardboard Pieces
4 Double-sided Score Boards
1 Guidebook
1 Full Rules Sheet

Ages: 13+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 30 minutes


• Area Majority / Influence
• Grid Movement

• Hand Management
• Partnerships
• Pattern Building
• Tile Placement
• Variable Player Powers