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Manufacturer: Czech Games Edition

Rob Paints Sanctum
Sanctum @ 0:31:02
Rob Plays Sanctum

The dark forces of the Demon Lord have overrun the once-great city of Sanctum. Heroes must journey into the hostile heart of that wretched kingdom to the Burning Throne - and fight to destroy him. But only one hero can claim the glory of the Demon Lord's defeat. Will it be you?

Choose a character: The rightful heir, the vengeance seeker, the disgraced king's guard, or the trained evil-slayer. Fight demon minions to build up your strength. Roll dice to attack, but remember: Every Skill or Item you choose can change the odds in your favor...if you pick the right fights at the right times.

3 Act Boards
1 Hordes Board
1 Achievement Board
4 Player Boards
4 Health Counters
18 Potion Tiles
5 Rage Tiles
12 Skill Tiles
24 Skill Cards
12 Achievement Tiles
3 Divine Intervention Tiles
6 Starting Bonus Cards
84 Demon/Item Cards
51 Demon Lord Cards
85+ Stamina, Focus, and Hits Tokens
84 Gem Tokens
4 Miniatures
24 Wooden Dice
4 Quick Reference Sheets
1 Rulebook

Ages: 12+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 60-100 minutes

• Dice Rolling
• Press Your Luck
• Variable Player Powers