Cloudspire Vol 1: The Joining War - Lore & Scenario Book

Cloudspire Vol 1: The Joining War - Lore & Scenario Book (New Arrival)

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Manufacturer: Chip Theory Games

Cloudspire has more original artwork and lore than any game we've produced in the past. With much of Anthony LeTourneau's beautiful artwork being displayed only on tiny chips, we wanted to create a place to showcase it in a larger format alongside Ryan Howard's outstanding story. We hope this book acts as a gateport to Ankar, pulling you deep into the fantastic world that so many have worked tirelessly to create.

Table of Contents:
 • Solo & Co-op Mode Rules
 • Neoprene Hex Tile Key
 • AI Talents
 • Ankarian Renown
 • Brawnen Solo Scenarios
 • Heirs Solo Scenarios
 • Narora Solo Scenarios
 • Grovetenders Solo Scenarios
 • The Arrival of the Griege
 • Griege Solo Scenarios
 • Brawnen/Heirs Co-op Scenarios
 • Grovetenders/Narora Co-op Scenarios
 • Brawnen/Grovetenders Co-op Scenarios
 • Heirs/Narora Co-op Scenarios
 • Griege/Grovetenders Co-op Scenarios
 • Endless Mode

212 Pages