Guilds of Cadwallon (Special Edition)

Guilds of Cadwallon (Special Edition) (Clearance)

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Guilds of Cawallon @ 17:55

Commerce & Conflict in the City of Thieves

In the Free City of Cadwallon, a constant shadowy struggle for power simmers just below the surface of the seemingly peaceful city. Mighty guilds constantly vie for power, influence, and control.

Using your influence and instincts, can you turn the never ending struggle for power between the guilds to your advantage?

48 Agent Pawns
48 Capture Tokens
32 Guilds Cards
8 Personalities Cards
8 Guild Backers Cards
10 Militia Cards
26 Action Cards
12 Condition Cards
20 Contract Cards
1 First Player Card
1 Game Board
1 Rulebook




A Quick, Fun Game to See Who Controls the City of Guilds
Guilds of Cadwallon is fast. It's as simple as placing down your Agents (kooky and adorable miniatures) in the alleys between a layout of square Guild cards in order to claim them as scoring sets for the end-of-game count. These cards represent personages within the city of Cadwallon, and the strategy lies in determining which cards you're willing to fight for and which ones you're willing to sacrifice for a better position elsewhere. You can block, you can shift, you can even swap or replace some of the cards in the layout to give yourself an advantage, but so can your opponent(s). Everything boils down to tactics, and how you manage to outmanoeuvre your way around your opponent in order to complete the fullest sets of Guild cards. All-in-all, Guilds of Cadwallon is a fun, tight, and quick-playing game that offers solid replayability.
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Review by A. Catino on 10/22/2015
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