Zombicide Chronicles RPG: Core Book (Hardcover)

Zombicide Chronicles RPG: Core Book (Hardcover)

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Zombicide Chronicles RPG is a standalone roleplaying game set in the famous setting of the Zombicide board games. Take a deep dive into this rich universe, create your own Survivor from scratch (or use a ready-to-play one!), and prepare yourself for the end of the world.

But this isn't your everyday nightmare about the Zombie apocalypse. In Zombicide Chronicles RPG, you show the undead that the living are still trying to fight back, and you got plenty of guns and willpower to prove it!

This book gives you the main rules and Mission types to live your own Zombicide adventure. With quick and easy mechanics, and gameplay that is enhanced by the use of the Zombicide board game miniatures and components, you and your friends will soon be facing entire Zombie Hordes, meeting interesting characters, and exploring a huge metropolis with 10 different areas and unlimited opportunities to keep hope alive and the dead truly dead this time.

Now, it's time to ask yourself, What will your survivor story be?

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