Stellar Horizons

Stellar Horizons

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Manufacturer: Compass Games

Stellar Horizons

Stellar Horizons is a game about humanity's first steps toward the stars over the next 150 years. Designed by MIT graduate and SpaceX veteran Dr. Andrew Rader, players vie for supremacy in exploring, expanding, and exploiting resources throughout the solar system in order to dominate the space race to the stars.

Players control a "faction" which represents a nation or group of nations on Earth. Through cooperative and competitive strategies, players explore and colonize the solar system, as well as develop technology to accelerate their goals. But beware, conflict between factions looms, and the best plans may be thwarted by an equally potent rival.

20 Punchboards
7 Player Faction Punchboards
1 Policy Tree
1 Punchboard Tracks Board
1 Technology Tree
4 Large Player Aids
2 Large Planet Tiles
2 Medium Planet Tiles
8 Small Planet/Belt Tiles
24 Satellite/Moon Tiles
54 World Cards
Rules & Campaigns Booklet

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-7
Game Length: 60-1200 minutes