Infinity: Ariadna - Dog-Warriors (4)

Infinity: Ariadna - Dog-Warriors (4)

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Manufacturer: Corvus Belli

28mm Scale

You can think of Dog-Warriors as the mongrel cross-breed of an Ariadnan savage (picture a Forty-Fiver or an Irmandinho), an Antipode and a TAG. The River Tribe raids were the first time Antipodes bit pregnant women without killing them. When those children were born, they turned out to be human-Antipode hybrids. It was later discovered that Antipodes carry something in their saliva, some kind of retrovirus that injects its DNA into the embryo's cells to make it more like the attacker. It was called the "cuckoo virus", and apparently it was brought about by natural selection as a way to spread the genetic payload of the stronger, more aggressive populations. When it infects a human embryo, it causes mutations, resulting in human-looking people, but bigger, hairier and with some Antipode features. And of course people would find a derisive name for them, in this case Dogfaces, which they have since reclaimed.

Metal components.

2 Dog-Warriors (Chain Rifles & Smoke Grenades)
2 Dog-Faces (Chain Rifles & Smoke Grenades)

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.