Infinity: Yu Jing - Sun Tze (Boarding Shotgun)

Infinity: Yu Jing - Sun Tze (Boarding Shotgun)

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Manufacturer: Corvus Belli

28mm Scale

Sun Tze was born in China, in the Kingdom of Qi, during the period of the Warrior Kingdoms (476-221 BC). A soldier and a politician, he served the Wu Kingdom, which he helped reach pre-eminence during this period in Chinese history. Sun Tze is famous for his influential treaty on military strategy "Sun Tzu. The Art of War".

The Project "Advisor" was Yu Jing's answer to Project "Orleans Maiden". Yu Jing's High Command requested ALEPH recreate a military strategist, a less notorious persona that functioned as a power behind the throne, creating victories without receiving too much publicity. The character of Sun Tze seemed the most appropriate, as much for his qualities as for his cultural affinity. The recreation of his personality was completed with a military background from Yu Jing schools of strategy, preparing him for modern warfare. Sun Tze is a natural born strategist, with an extraordinary vision of the future. His intense military talent is reflected in all his decisions. He possesses a sharp computer mind with which he can imagine and devise hundreds of plans and contingencies in an instant, which makes him a vital element in any operation. He is an experienced soldier and has great perspicacity and all the leadership qualities that could be required. He possesses a solid temperament, with the calmness and sardonic arrogance proper of a veteran officer combined with the tranquility and security of one who knows many secrets, but his attitude reveals all the vigor of a general.

Metal components.

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