Infinity: Human Sphere N3 Rulebook

Infinity: Human Sphere N3 Rulebook (Clearance)

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175 years into the future. The Human Sphere, the aggregate of human-colonized space, continues to thrive - ostensibly.

The covert war between the major powers rages on, unbeknownst to the general population, and two new contenders have joined the fray. To counter the growing menace posed by the Evolved Intelligence and its alien Combined Army, the human AI, ALEPH, has assumed active military duty by deploying its own forces on the ground. However, the arrival of the Tohaa could change everything. These alien newcomers, professed allies of humankind, harbor a hidden agenda that might see the Human Sphere as yet another disposable asset in their unending war against the EI ...

Infinity is a tabletop wargame that uses 28mm metal miniatures to simulate skirmishes, battles, and special operations in a sci-fi setting influenced by futuristic manga aesthetics.

Infinity: Human Sphere expands upon the Infinity universe and its fascinating story. It also includes a full-length expansion to the basic rulebook with new army lists and rules, such as the devastating Fireteams, that add a whole new tactical dimension to the Infinity gameplay experience.

Get connected now and lead your elite forces as they fight their way through the hottest battlefields of the Human Sphere.