DC Comics Deck Building Game: Forever Evil

DC Comics Deck Building Game: Forever Evil

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Play as some of the most infamous Super-Villains in the DC Universe, such as Lex Luthor, Black Manta, and Sinestro! Card destruction is rampant in the set! Build and then whittle your deck down to just the essential cards and victory is assured. Forever Evil introduces Victory Point tokens to the DC Comics Deck Building Game! Taunt opponents with your riches while the other players can only guess at how well they are doing.

- Battle the Justice League and others.
- Take treachery to new heights with this villainous-themed set!
- Introduces Victory Point tokens!
- 200+ game cards include Equipment, Super Power, Hero, Villain, Super Hero, Starter, Weakness, and playable oversized Super-Villain cards.
- Full compatible with all Cerberus Engine: Heroes Deck-Building Games!

Ages: 15+
Players: 2-5

This game can be played on its own or combined with other DC Comics Deck Building Game sets for enhanced play.




Let the Chaos beggins!
Forever Evil game is just like the other DC Comics deck building games with the difference that you play as a villian. Is one of those games that you say, finally I can be the bad guy. Is very fun to play and you will enjoy playing it with your friends.
Game Play
Review by Lian on 12/23/2015
Let your inner villain shine
Forever Evil is an expansion/stand alone game for the popular DC Comics deck building series. The game plays like the other DC Comics card games, only this time, you are the villain. Forever Evil combines well with the base set (allowing players to do a good vs evil play mode). The cards are beautifully illustrated and the new additions feel right at home in the series.
Game Play
Review by Joseph on 10/20/2015