DC Comics Deckbuilding Game: Teen Titans

DC Comics Deckbuilding Game: Teen Titans

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Manufacturer: Cryptozoic Entertainment

Teen Titans Go!

You've played with the old guard... now it's time for the next generation of super heroes to step up! Play as Raven, Beast Boy, Wonder Girl, Red Robin and more. The Teen Titans are all about proving themselves, and with the ruthless enemies they must face, they'll need to. Now you can save your best cards for when you really need them and when ready, unleash everything you've got. The results will be spectacular!

213 Game Cards
- 36 Punch Starting Cards
- 16 Vulnerability Starting Cards
- 113 Main Deck Cards
- 16 Kick Cards
- 12 DC Comics Super-Villain Cards
- 20 Weakness Cards

7 Oversized DC Comics Super Heroes
1 Rulebook

Ages: 15+
Players: 2-5

This game can be played on its own or combined with other DC Comics Deck Building Game sets for enhanced play.




Teen Titans!
This game is like the other DC Comics deck building games. It's played with a lot of ongoin cards and the teen titans character are great. If you like deck building games and are a teen titans fan this game is a good option.
Game Play
Review by Lian on 12/23/2015
It is entertaining
I like it, yes...
It is funny, yes...
I liked even more the Heroes Unite, but this one is still entertaining. It work with a lot of ongoing cards, so it's a valuable variation.
Game Play
Review by Dan_04 on 10/15/2015