Dawn of Ulos

Dawn of Ulos

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Manufacturer: Thunderworks Games

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For untold eons, the mortal races lived in separate worlds, but now the dragon god Azema forges a new world by opening rifts to other planes.

Dawn of Ulos is an economic tile-laying game in which players compete in a game among Gods! Manipulate the rise and fall of mortals, shape a new world, invest in factions, and pit armies against each other.

 • Place Terrain Tiles
 • Acquire Cards
 • Manipulate Factions
 • Earn Favor


6 Map Sections
1 Power Board
48 Development Tiles
1 Start Player Token
12 Rift Tiles
10 Camp Markers
10 Strength Markers
160 Faction Cards
5 Player Mats
5 Reference Cards
77 Favor Tokens
12 Pillage Tokens
1 Ulrir Mat
5 Element Cards
70 Lantern Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 60-90 minutes