Monster Menagerie #40 Strahd von Zarovich (Invisible) (VR)

Monster Menagerie #40 Strahd von Zarovich (Invisible) (VR)

Product #DDMM-040i

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Manufacturer: WizKids/NECA

Monster Menagerie minis do not have stat cards.

Monster Menagerie is the fourth set of randomly sorted monsters and heroes in the exciting new line of D&D miniatures, Icons of the Realms.

In Monster Menagerie you will find a vast array of challenges for yoru heroes to overcome and allies to fight by your side. Face Bulettes as they use their powerful claws to tunnel through the earth when they hunt. Or the Gelantinous Cube as it scours dungeon passages in silent, predictable patterns. Or the Displacer Beast which takes its name from its ability to mask itself with illusion, displacing light so that it appears to be somewhere it is not. Will your heroes rise to the challenge?

#040 Strahd von Zarovich (Invisible) is sold in mint condition.

Product# DDMM-040i
Universe: Dungeons and Dragons
Set: Monster Menagerie
Number: 040
Rarity: Common

Note: Reprints of this set will have clear bases instead of black. Outstanding and future orders may include figures with clear bases.