Volo & Mordenkainen's Foes #006 Tortle (C)

Volo & Mordenkainen's Foes #006 Tortle (C)

Product #DDVMF-006

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Manufacturer: WizKids/NECA

Volo & Mordenkainen's Foes minis do not have stat cards.

Product# DDVMF-006
Universe: Dungeons and Dragons
Set: Volo & Mordenkainen's Foes
Number: 006
Rarity: Common

Base Size: 25mm
Height: 35mm

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With a touch of paint this will be an even greater value then it already is. Glad I bought it.
I'll need to do a little painting to bring out the features on the head. Great buy for the price even so.
Game Play
Review by Edward on 4/23/2020
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