Delta Green RPG: God's Light (Preorder)

Delta Green RPG: God's Light (Preorder)

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Manufacturer: Arc Dream Publishing

Estimated Release Date: June 2024.

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Where Lies the Border between Madness and Evil?

It is madness to cross the threshold. It is evil not to seek the threshold. Which do you choose? A seemingly ordinary American mass shooting draws the attention of Delta Green. Evidence that the shooter left behind seemed to come from not some unknown place but some unknown version of reality.

The investigation finds a social media app called Picky Eater. But is it more than an app? A modified OS? A firmware update? An inexplicable hardware update? Picky Eater curates your social media feed, picking and choosing experiences to suit your desires. But it may reach far deeper than that. It may reach to strange places that stand on either side of the border between worlds, between realities, between madness and evil, and force your Agents to choose.

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of the core rulebook is required to play. It also makes a perfect companion to God's Teeth.