The Red Cathedral

The Red Cathedral


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Manufacturer: Devir Games

The Red Cathedral@ 49:20

Tsar Ivan the terrible has ordered the construction of a cathedral in honor of his military victories. Many teams of builders will take part in the construction, but only one of them will stand out and gain the favor of the Tzar.

The Red Cathedral is a fast paced medium eurogame when you're building the St. Basil's Cathedral at the same time you develop the best workshop of the entire country.

4 Player Markers
75 Wooden Resources
  ‣ 20 Lumber
  ‣ 20 Brick
  ‣ 20 Stone
  ‣ 15 Gold
20 Plastic Jewels
  ‣ 10 Green
  ‣ 10 Purple Jewels
1 Market Board
4 Workshop Boards
8 Resource Tiles
28 Workshop Tiles
16 Ornamentations
40 Cardboard Coins
66 Cards
5 Dice

Ages: 10+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 80 minutes