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Manufacturer: Stronghold Games

Digsaw is a roll-and-cut game where anyone can become a real archaeologist! Each turn, roll dice and cut apart our dig site to recover priceless artifacts buried in the earth.

Excavating such delicate relics will require a steady hand and precise strategy. Once wrong snip could shatter a hidden gem! Only the best student can be raised to the coveted position of senior archaeologist.

Are you a cut above the rest?

  1. Roll the dice to see how you can cut.

  2. Cut along any rope to begin digging for relics.

  3. Try to excavate the artifacts one by one!

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-6
Game Length: 25 minutes


• Dice Rolling
• Die Icon Resolution
• Map Reduction
• Physical Removal
• Set Collection
• Solo / Solitaire Game