Donut Shop

Donut Shop (Standard Edition)

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Manufacturer: 25th Century Games

Donut Shop @ 55:30

As the newest hires at the local bakery, you have been assigned to work with the hottest-selling items - the donuts.

Your job is twofold: to arrange the donuts in the display case, and to put together boxes to fulfill customer orders. You'll also want to make an extra push to sell donuts with sprinkles and coffee, as these can earn you extra cash.

Your day will be filled to the coffee cup brim with making donuts and boxing orders for customers. Those tips will be worth it when your finish your shift at the Donut Shop.

40 Donut Tiles
40 Order Cards
1 Starting Donut Display Case Tile
1 Napkin Dispenser
1 Donut Rack
114 Money Tokens
20 Donut Boxes

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 20-40 minutes

• Set Collection
• Tile Placement