Memoir '44: Equipment Pack Expansion

Memoir '44: Equipment Pack Expansion

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The Memoir '44 Equipment Pack is a major expansion to the Memoir '44 game system and fills a game box as big as the original board game. With 186 plastic figures, the Equipment Pack includes 108 figures from four WWII nations, including French Infantry, Finnish Ski Troops, Italian Artillery and Polish Cavalry; 24 new pieces of Artillery (Flak-88's, "Long Tom" Big Guns, M7 Priests and "Screaming Meemies" Nebelwerfers); new Beach Landing equipment that includes six amazing Hobart's Funnies, complete with accessories; six Snipers; and scores of new Armor, Vehicle and Special Weapon Assets, including some Elefant Tank Destroyers, Kubelwagen Command cars, and M2 Mortars and Machine Guns.

These figures can be deployed over many of the existing Memoir '44 scenarios and are also heavily featured in the eleven Standard, two Breakthrough and four Overlord new scenarios that come in the Equipment Pack. A rules booklet and 25 Summary cards complement this pack. This expansion requires at least one copy of the Memoir '44 base game. Many of its expansions are required to enjoy most of the included scenarios. We recommend that players at minimum own the Terrain Pack and the Winter/Desert board.


108 miniatures from four minor WWII nations

-24 Finnish Ski Troops

-12 Italian Artillery

-24 Polish Cavalry figures

4 Artillery types

-6 "Flak-88" Heavy Anti-Tank Guns

-6 "Long Tom" Big Guns

-6 "M7 Priest" Mobile Artillery

-6 "Nebelwerfer" Screaming Meemies figures

Beach Landing Equipment

-6 "LCT-202" Landing Crafts

-6 Hobart's Funnies figures, complete with their accessories

3 Armor types

-6 "Elefant Panzerjager Tank Destroyers

-3 "Sd.Kfz 250"

-3 "Tiger" Tanks figures

3 Vehicle types

-6 "Kubelwagen" Command Cars

-3 "Jeep Willys" Long-Range Patrol Cars

-3 "Dodge WC-63" Supply Trucks figures

2 Special Weapon Assets

-6 "Browning M2" Machine Guns

-6 "M2 60mm" Mortars figures

-6 Sniper figures

Scenario booklet detailing 11 Standard, 4 Overlord and 2 Breakthrough battles

Rules booklet

25 Summary cards

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• Area Majority / Influence
• Dice Rolling
• Grid Movement
• Hand Management
• Modular Board
• Campaign / Battle Card Driven