Dragon Ball Super TCG: Perfect Combination [B23] Booster Box (24)

Dragon Ball Super TCG: Perfect Combination [B23] Booster Box (24)

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Manufacturer: Bandai

Zenkai Series Set 06

Z-EXTRA CARDS POWER UP! Massive expansion of the new "Z-Extra" cards with beloved items like the "Scouter" and more special moves!

Famous characters from various eras with the "Combination" keyword! The long-awaited return Ultra Instinct Son Goku as a Leader Card from the Universe Survival Saga is now here! Surpass Son Goku's limit with this Ultra Instinct card featuring an ultra-gorgeous illustration! Fan favorite Son Goku & Son Gohan team "Combination" deck from the Android Cell saga is ultra strong! Your favorite Dragon Ball characters team up in Set 06 for a new gameplay experience!

FAN FAVORITE CHARACTER AS A GOD RARE! Inclusion of the coveted low pull rate GOD RARE (GDR) card! This time is a character's form that all fans have been waiting for!

GET ONE SR OR SPR AS A BOX TOPPER! SR or SPR box toppers continue for Z06! Players are guaranteed one of these rare cards in each booster box to play or collect!

1 Sealed Booster Box
  ‣ 24 Booster Packs
  ‣ 1 Box Topper

Limit 12 per customer.