Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG: Monsters & Magic of Dark Tower

Monsters & Magic of Dark Tower (Dungeon Crawl Classics Compatible) (New Arrival)

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Evil sleeps beneath the sands, ancient and sinister. Those who treat the desert wastes report strange monsters glimpsed beneath the full moon and bizarre magics on the lips of dune-dwelling sorcerers. Those secrets of the desert are now in your hands.

Monsters & Magic of Dark Tower contains nearly 20 new monsters, 6 new spells, and 14 magic items, all inspired by the classic role-playing adventure Dark Tower. Complete descriptions of the gods Mitra and Set are also included, providing both judges and players all the information needed to play clerics of either deity in their DCC RPGF campaign. Do you dare enter the Dark Tower and claim what lies within?

32 pages