Dungeons of Draggmar

Dungeons of Draggmar

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Manufacturer: Studio 2 Publishing

In this new dynamic fast paced action card game explore forgotten dungeons, keeps and fortresses. Defeat monsters, demons and bandits lurking in the forgotten tunnels through Draggmar and claim fame and riches. The game is full of tactics and hard decisions that could result in a huge punishment if not played wisely. Dungeons of Draggmar is a game where you will lose a lot but every victory will make you celebrate and enjoy the next step of your conquest even more! An easy to learn experience for new players and fun for experienced ones. Replay value and a possibility of choosing the difficulty of the game. A dynamic, fast, and intense system.

Includes the Undead Crusade Expansion.

73 Dungeon Room Cards
15 Rift Cards
36 Hero Cards
68 Item Cards
30 Curse Cards
45 Fame Tokens
15 Dungeon Level Tokens
18 Dungeon Threat Tokens
10 Health Cubes
4 Skill Cubes
4 Players Reference Screens
1 Doom Tracker Token
1 First Player Token
1 Map of Draggmar (Neoprene)
1 Player Mat (Neoprene)
4 Player Standees
1 Rulebook

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 10-40 minutes