Tiger Leader (2nd Edition)

Tiger Leader (2nd Edition)

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Manufacturer: Dan Verssen Games

Tiger Leader places you in command of a German Panzer Kampfgruppe in the most decisive campaigns of WWII! You select the Panzers, Vehicles, Infanry, and Commanders to lead into battle at the start of each Campaign. As the destruction of battle takes its toll on your command, you make the decisions needed to continue the fight. You must decide which men to send On Leave, and which to send back to the front. You must make the hard choices that will lead your men to victory, or defeat.

Tiger Leader is a Solitaire Game. You command the German forces and make historically accurate decisions while the built-in game system generates the battles and controls the Allied forces. This means you can play the game at your own pace, whenever and wherever you choose.

240 Full Color Cards
440 Full Color Counters
12 2.5" Terrain Tiles
1 22" x 17" Mounted Display
1 11" x 17" HQ Sheet
1 Ten-sided Die
1 Player Log Sheet
Full Color Rules Booklet

Players: 1
Game Length: 30 minutes per Mission

• Card Drafting
• Simulation