Barcelona: The Rose of Fire

Barcelona: The Rose of Fire


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Manufacturer: Devir Games

The rise of the bourgeoisie and the age of revolution 1860 - 1930

We are in Barcelona in the 19th century. The old city walls have just been torn down, finally freeing the city's growth outward towards the old villages that surround it. Based on the plans by Cerda, the construction of Barcelona's famous Eixample (Catalan for "expansion") has begun. It is a period of great prosperity when the burgeoning upper middle class families found their fortunes and use their wealth to demonstrate their power by constructing unique buildings and supporting initiatives for the city's inhabitants. However, not everythign is so pleasant in the city. Its prosperity is drawing more and more people to work in the big city, and revolutionary movements are taking hold among the city's unemployed workers.

Barcelona: The Rose of Fire is a board game for 2 - 4 players, in which the players compete for social prestige and personal wealth, while trying to avoid the revolution that is spreading through the city.

4 Family Cards
90 City Tiles
80 Building Counters
16 Soldiers
10 Obelisk Markers
80 Striking Workers
7 Immigration Markers
36 Influence Markers
9 Influence Cards
1 "Labor Strike" Card
6 Prestige Cards
39 Popularity Cards
36 City Cards
4 Prestige Markers
4 VP Markers
1 "Bomb" Marker
1 First Player Marker
2 Cloth Bags

Ages: 10+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 90 minutes

• Area Majority / Influence
• Tile Placement