Duhr: The Lesser Houses

Duhr: The Lesser Houses

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Manufacturer: Devious Weasel Games

The Lesser Houses of Dûhr are at war. Not with soldiers, but with calumny carefully crafted to disgrace their rivals and secure for themselves the final prize: Great House status.

Will your House survive to become a Great House of Dûhr? Or will it fall into disfavor or villainy under the crushing weight of the suspicions and scandals levied upon you by your rivals?

1 Rulebook
6 House Cards
6 Conspiracy Cards
60 Suspicion Cards
24 Scandal Cards
6 Event Cards
12 Agenda Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 4-6
Game Length: 30 minutes

• Bluffing
• Hand Management
• Take That
• Trading
• Variable Player Powers