Can't Stop

Can't Stop

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Manufacturer: Eagle-Gryphon Games

It's As Easy As...

1. Roll the four dice and form two pairs of numbers.
2. Place or advance the three "runners" on those numbers.
3. Be the first to run to the top of three numbers on the Stop Sign and you WIN!

BUT you can only keep rolling the dice if you can advance a runner, and
IF you can't advance you lose all of your progress made on that turn!

EVERYONE likes to keep rolling one more time...and then maybe just once more...

1 Plastic Stop Sign (The Board)
3 White Traffic Cones (The Runners)
44 Traffic Cones in 4 Colors (The Markers)
4 Red Dice (The Dice.....What Else?)

Ages: 9+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 30-40 minutes

• Dice Rolling
• Press Your Luck