Star Wars: Force and Destiny RPG - Endless Vigil Sourcebook

Star Wars: Force & Destiny RPG - Endless Vigil Sourcebook

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Though it is a dark time for the galaxy, there are still those who fight for justice. Calling on the Force, Sentinels stalk cities to root out corruption, investigate crimes, and oppose any who would further that darkness. Whether operating from the shadows or openly as heroic vigilantes, they are often the only hope many have left.

Begin your war against injustice with Endless Vigil. This supplement expands upon the Force & Destiny RPG, adding new content for Sentinels and other characters who desire to investigate crimes and avenge wrongs. With the Force at your side and lightsaber ignited, you're ready to track down evildoers and ensure justice lives even under the cruel rule of the Emperor.

This supplemental rulebook includes:
• Expanded character options including Motivations, Moralities, species, and specializations.
• New signature abilities and a new Force power to manipulate mechanical devices at a molecular level, repairing or harming them in powerful ways.
• New weapons, armor, gear, vehicles, and starships to aid Sentinels in their ongoing wars against injustice, as well as rules for crafting lightsaber hilts.
• Expanded GM guidance for exciting action in urban settings, plus new encounters, adventures, and campaign ideas for Sentinel-themed games.

This is not a stand-alone game. This is a supplement for Force & Destiny RPG: Core Rulebook.

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