Star Wars: Force & Destiny RPG - Unlimited Power

Star Wars: Force & Destiny RPG - Unlimited Power (Hardcover)

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Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games

Although the ancient Jedi Knights were the most notable Force users in the galaxy, they were not the only ones who learned how to use that mysterious power. On the edges of civilization, Mystics sift through the forgotten lore of all Force-using traditions in hopes of discovering the secrets of many powerful figures of legend.Unlock your full potential with Unlimited Power. This supplement expands upon the Force & Destiny RPG, adding new content for Mystics and other characters who desire to understand the mysteries of the Force. Walk the fine line between the light and the darkness as your master you abilities and unleash the true power in the galaxy!

This supplemental rulebook includes:

• Expanded character options including motivations, Moralities, species, and specializations.

• New signature abilities and two new Force powers that allow characters to summon ethereal items, alter the landscape around them, and even animate the dead!

• New weapons, armor, gear, vehicles, and starships to aid Mystics in their ongoing quest for knowledge, as well as rules for crafting alchemical potions and talismans.

• Expanded GM guidance for Force duels and for including dark side Force user Player Characters in campaigns.

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