Star Wars: Legion - Core Set

Star Wars: Legion - Core Set

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Manufacturer: Fantasy Flight Games

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It Is a Period of Civil War...

The Galactic Empire tightens its grip on the galaxy, wielding overwhleming military might with unchecked ruthlessness. Standing bravely in their way are the heroic soldiers of the Rebel Alliance, striking from hidden bases in a desperate gambit to cripple the Emperor's war machine. It is an epic struggle in which every battle could mean the difference between victory and defeat...

Experience the legendary ground battles of Star Wars! Command your forces as they clash in epic encountes with the Star Wars: Legion miniatures game. Each miniature is finely detailed to bring to life the heroes, villains, soldiers, and vehicles of the Star Wars universe. This core set contains everything that two players need to stage a battle between the forces of the Galactic Empire and the soldiers of the Rebel Alliance. This core set is a starting point for collecting Star Wars: Legion miniatures and for building and customizing your own Imperial or Rebel army!

Plastic components.

33 Miniatures
8 Barricades
15 Dice
3 Movement Tools
1 Range Ruler
8 Unit Cards
35 Upgrade Cards
14 Command Cards
12 Battle Cards
1 Round Counter
107 Assorted Tokens

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


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Know what you're getting into
I have played this game competitively at tournaments and casually with friends. I thoroughly enjoy this game at 800 points per faction. The core set comes with enough minis for about half of that. You will have to pick up a couple expansions to get full enjoyment out of the game.
A lot of people expect this to play like X-Wing. In my opinion, they are very different. Expect this to play more like 40K. So don't be disappointed.
The game is very easy to get into. A great entry for people new to miniatures games. But it still has plenty of depth for veterans.
You can't beat the value of this core set. I would even recommend picking up a second copy to fill out your trooper ranks and for the extra dice/supplies.
Game Play
Review by Brain on 10/5/2018
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