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An Unfathomable Review in 3 min
Unfathomable Review
Unfathomable @ 35:34

Horror on the High Seas

The steamship Atlantica makes way to Boston, but dark shadows trail the ship, staying just out of sight beneath the waves. Your fellow passengers seem unnaturally fixated, staring out to sea with a silent, desperate longing. Your dreams are plagued by eerie underwater nightmares. And now, a passenger has been murdered.

Suspicion, hidden loyalties, and devious strategy rule the day! Unfathomable puts you and your friends in command of a steamship, but not all of you can be trusted. While monstrous Deep Ones stream forth from the crushing ocean depths, any player could secretly be a nefarious cultist of a horrifying hybrid Deep One. Don't turn your back on anyone - it will take all your cunning to save your ship from a watery grave.

Battle swarming Deep Ones, uncover the traitors, and steer the Atlantica safely home in Unfathomable!

1 Learn to Play
1 Rules Reference
1 Game Board
22 Plastic Monster Figures
10 Character Sheets
3 Traitor Reference Sheets
6 Player Reference Sheets
10 Character Standees
1 Current Player Token
4 Traitor Rings
9 Passenger Tokens
1 Eight-sided Die
1 Travel Token
1 Ritual Token
14 Loyalty Cards
70 Mythos Cards
2 Title Cards
20 Spell Cards
20 Waypoint Cards
20 Item Cards
9 Ship Damage Cards
10 Feat Cards
126 Skill Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 3-6
Game Length: 120-240 minutes

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• Area Movement
• Hand Management
• Hidden Roles
• Team-Based Game
• Traitor Game
• Variable Player Powers