Shadows of Brimstone: Heroes of the Old West Paint Set

Shadows of Brimstone: Heroes of the Old West Paint Set

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Manufacturer: Flying Frog Productions

This set of acrylic hobby paints, produced in conjunction with The Army Painter specifically for Shadows of Brimstone, includes a hobby paint brush, 10 paints, and a mini painting guide to get players started. This set provides colors specifically designed for painting the Hero figures in Shadows of Brimstone. It is perfect for veteran miniature painters, as well as players just starting out in the hobby world that want to add a dash of color to their Shadows of Brimstone board games!

This set can be used on its own, or can be combined with the Creatures of the Void Paint Set to have a larger range of colors (each set has 10 distinct colors).

1 Brush
10 Paints
- 1 Shadow Black
- 1 Spirit White
- 1 Light Flesh
- 1 Dark Flesh
- 1 Saloon Red
- 1 Portal Blue
- 1 Desert Yellow
- 1 Loot Gold
- 1 Pistol Metal
- 1 Soft Tone Ink


• Cooperative Game
• Dice Rolling
• Grid Movement
• Role Playing
• Variable Player Powers
• Modular Board