Old School Tactical Vol 2: Base Game

Old School Tactical Vol 2: Base Game

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Manufacturer: Flying Pig Games

The popular Old School Tactical series returns for its second edition with Old School Tactical Volume 2: Base Game. This iteration of the quick to learn, challenging to master, tactical game introduces the Americans to the series. Fight across the European countryside with M-10 tank destroyers and Sherman Easy Eight Tiger tank destroyers. Pile your powerful rifle squads into venerable M5 halftracks or nail an onrushing armored car with a bazooka.

Find your enemy, fix them, flank them, and finish them. If it works on the battlefield it works in Old School Tactical, and it works with minimal fuss and muss.

1 30" by 41" Mounted Game Board
3 Die-Cut Counter Sheets
18 Luck Cards
36 Unit Data Cards
2 Player Aid Cards
4 Dice
1 Full-Color Rules and Scenario Booklet

Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Game Length: 45-300 minutes

• Dice Rolling
• Hex-and-Counter