Old School Tactical Vol 3: Base Game

Old School Tactical Vol 3: Base Game

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Manufacturer: Flying Pig Games

The popular Old School Tactical series returns with Old School Tactical Vol 3. This iteration of the quick-to-learn, challenging-to-master, tactical game brings the war in the Pacific to the series.

Fight tooth and nail in dense jungle terrain. Hide in bunkers and caves and hit the enemy at the best moment. Move up your Sherman Zippo and flush the enemy out with flames. Find your enemy, fix them, flank them, and finish them. If it works on the battlefield, it works in Old School Tactical. And it works with minimal fuss and muss.

1 Huge Mounted Gameboard (30" x 41")
4 Counter Sheets
18 Luck Cards
36 Unit Data Cards
2 Player Aid Cards
4 Dice
Rules & Scenario Books

Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Game Length: 45-300 minutes