Grimslingers (3rd Edition)

Grimslingers (3rd Edition)

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Manufacturer: Greenbrier Games

Welcome, stranger! Guess yer the newest addition to our ragtag group of 'slingers! The Iron Witch, a downright mysterious being, has imbued you with powerful magics for some unknown purpose. Now, he's requiring all newly sired witches, including yerself, to duel each other and prove your worth!

Battle strange creatures, overcome intense challenges, collect loot and paranormal items, gain levels, and explore the Forgotten West in Grimslingers, a strategic card game set in a sci-fi fantasy western where players use elemental spells, their wits, and just the right amount of luck to survive - and win! This 3rd Edition of Grimslingers includes rules updates and clarifications, as well as upgraded cards.

1 Rule Booklet
1 Story Booklet
1 Valley of Death Map
1 Red Meeple
1 Six Sided Die
280 Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-6
Game Length: 15-90 minutes


• Cooperative Game
• Deck, Bag, and Pool Building
• Dice Rolling
• Partnerships
• Press Your Luck
• Simultaneous Action Selection
• Variable Player Powers
• Campaign / Battle Card Driven
• Point to Point Movement