Star Trek: Ascendancy

Star Trek: Ascendancy

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Manufacturer: Gale Force 9

2016 Awards Show
Star Trek: Ascendancy @ 0:29:40

Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before
Command the Federation, Klingons, or Romulans. Your decisions shape the Galaxy. Which strange new worlds your discover and what paths you chart create a different map every time you play.

New Life, New Civilizations
Encounter alien cultures as your starships expand from your world to encompass the Galaxy. Colonize, conquer, and convince new planets and cultures to join your civilization.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations
Develop new production facilities, research labs, and cultural institutions to expand your civilizations's capabilities. Research new technologies and achievements to further expand your civilization. What technologies you research and what path you take changes each time you play.

Red Alert! Battle Stations!
When diplomacy fails, conflict is inevitable. Order your fleets to engage, improve your ships' weapons and shields, and dominate your rivals in epic space battles.

1 Rulebook
188 Tokens
30 System Discs
90 Space Lanes
9 Fleet Cards
3 Reference Cards
60 Exploration Cards
10 Turn Order Cards
9 Trade Agreements
45 Advancement Cards
90 Plastic Ships
9 Fleet Markers
30 Control Nodes
63 Resource Nodes
3 Command Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 3
Game Length: 180 minutes




Best 4x game ever released!
Perhaps one of the best games I have ever played, and absolutely the best 4x game I have ever played.
Game Play
Review by Tim on 7/18/2018
A Star Trek game done right!
Star Trek Ascendancy is the first game based on the Star Trek license I've felt actually captured the feel and theme of the series since Star Fleet Battles long ago. Exploration, research, combat - it's all there and more. Every game is unique and the galaxy unfolds differently each time. The only thing lacking in my mind is the absence of major character drama. No away teams or boarding parties. But that's a minor complain since the rest of the game's mechanics are so well done. This game is highly recommended to any Star Trek fans looking for a good board game based on the license. Will only get better with more factions being introduced via expansions (base game comes with Romulan, Klingon, and of course Federation).
Game Play
Review by Matthew on 11/20/2016
The best Star Trek Game in any medium, period!
I have been a long time Star Trek fan. Anytime a new game for Star Trek comes, I am a sucker for it....and many times, I have been disappointed. There have been a few near successes, whether it be a pretty good Civ Builder Like Birth of the Federation, or a shooter like Star Trek Armada, and those were just video games. Board games have had the hardest time with any real luck in the Trek universe.

Enter Star Trek: Ascendancy

I have been really excited since the announcement of this much so, I did worry it could be a flop. Gale Force 9 Delivered a Solid Star Trek Game! Yeah, it may not be Kirk and Spock, or even Picard and you are the Federation, or the Klingons, or the Romulans as a whole. This feel like the intent of Star Trek, Explore and Expand!

I really like how each race has the right feel, from Federation and the Prime Directive, to the Romulans and their ever growing Suspiciousness, to the Klingons singing about Death before Dishonor! The growth of the Galaxy as you play is just amazing and truly feels like exploration.

The game play is smooth. Yeah, there is downtime between players, but it is worth it. In our group, we actually helping eachother out, getting the rules down, and helping each other understand the strategies. As with any new game, you get rules wrong from time to time, but we would figure it all out there on the spot and still have a blast. For the most part, this is the first 4X style game that I believe could be considered as a gateway game, but is not limited to being one.

I will admit, this game has to be a bit better once you get 4 or five players going, but even at three it is still a blast. This is a game that will get out on my table more often then not. Every Time, the game feels different, from the way the universe unfolds, to the resources you get, to the advancements you discover and cultivate, to when you make first contact. Even just changing from the Federation to one of the other races makes a challenge in of itself.
Game Play
Review by CaptBohr on 11/1/2016
Slow at first but really takes off
The Gameplay can seem a little long and starts off slow but the more experience you have as a player the faster you will go and soon towards the end it really starts to take off
Game Play
Review by Michael on 10/4/2016