Token Silo Convertible: Pink/White

Token Silo Convertible: Pink/White

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Manufacturer: Gamegenic

Save precious space on your board game table with our revolutionary, convertible, Token Silo. Just clip the cover to the bottom of the box for easy access to all your tokens. This unique, convertible box stores and organizes a variety of tokens, cards, dials, dice, and many other items.


• Ideal for tokens, cards, dials, dice, and many other items

• Fully usable during gameplay: Completely removable cover, that easily clips to the bottom, not wasting table space

• 9 removable trays in 3 different sizes

• Large tray holds up to 40 single-sleeved cards or 75 unsleeved cards

• Bottom part usable as a dice tray

• Modular design for maximum interchangeable customization with two or more products

• Mix & Match: personalize your Token Silo by mixing and matching different colors with two or more products

• Cover shuts flush to the box

• Easily stackable

• Product Size: 212mm x 166mm x 32mm

• Size of inner compartment: 200mm x 160mm x 26mm

• Inner dimensions of trays
 ‣ Large (x1): 96mm x 76mm x 24mm
 ‣ Med (x4):   96mm x 36mm x 24mm
 ‣ Small (x4): 46mm x 36mm x 24mm

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