Great War Commander

Great War Commander

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Stand with the French at Verdun. Charge forward with the Germans in Belgium and at the Marne. Follow the Americans as they slug their way through Belleau Wood.

Great War Commander is a tactical wargame based on the popular Combat Commander series where two players take turns playing "Fate Cards" to give Orders to military units on the mapboard or to perform Actions. Cards may also trigger random Events which add a bit of chaos and uncertainty.

Great War Commander puts emphasis on the rigid top-down field command structure of the period which is new to the system. Besides the Fate Cards, there are the Strategy Cards which factor in higher command and give a flavor and depth to the battles beyond that of the tactical level. the game offers 16 historical scenarios including 1 introductory scenario for players not yet familiar with the general game system, a 3-player scenario, and 4 scenarios with tanks. The replay value is high and the dedicated Random Scenario Generator adds endless hours of play.

6 Double-sided Maps
256 Large Counters
36 Double Large Counters
160 Small Counters
270 Cars
2 Double-sided Player Aid Sheets
8 Scenario Sheets
1 Rulebook
1 Playbook

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-3
Game Length: 120 minutes

Note: Published by Hexasim; distributed by GMT Games.

• Campaign / Battle Card Driven
• Hex-and-Counter
• Simulation
• Variable Phase Order