1989: Dawn of Freedom (2nd Printing)

1989: Dawn of Freedom (2nd Printing)

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As the year 1989 begins, the Cold War between the United States, the Soviet Union an their allies is drawing to a close. For over forty years the continent of Europe has been divided by an "Iron Curtain" that separates East from West. In 1986 Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev launches a new program of reforms with glasnost (openness) and in 1988 perestroika (restructuring), in an attempt to revitalize the Soviet Union. Gorbachev has also announced unilateral arms reductions that are wildly popular in the West. Possibly the long "twilight struggle" between these two international superpowers is finally coming to an end.

However, these Soviet changes are not popular with everyone. For the Communist governments of Eastern Europe, the force of Soviet arms had always protected them from the rebellions of their own people. Now the Eastern European Communists are on their own.

In 1989: Dawn of Freedom, players will recreate the momentous revolutions of 1989, using a system similar to the award-winning boardgame Twilight Struggle by GMT Games.

One player is the Communist. He will need to use a wise combination of crackdowns, concessions, and reforms to try to hold onto power. The other player is the Democrat. He will try to use the leadership of the intellectuals and the street protests of the students to generate a critical mass of opposition to the regimes in order to launch a revolution. Both players will try to swing the workers to their side. At the start of the game, the Communist player holds power in each country. The Democrat player will attempt to topple the Communist from power through resolution of scoring cards. The longer the Communist retains power in a country, the more points he scores. The player most successful in advancing his cause wins the game.

This 2nd printing is identical to the 1st printing, except that any known errata has been corrected.

2 Counter Sheets
1 Mapsheet (22" x 34")
110 Strategy Cards
52 Power Cards
1 Historical Background Booklet
1 Rules Booklet
2 Player Aid Cards
2 Six-sided Dice

Ages: 14+
Players: 2
Game Length: 150 minutes