Thunder Alley

Thunder Alley

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Manufacturer: GMT Games

Welcome to another glorious day for racing here at beautiful Verghn's Grove. The sun is shining and not a cloud in the sky. The conditions are primed for the fastest race of the season. What happens on the track is up to you. Can you lead your team of cars to the front and vie for the checkered flag? Do you have that special something to put one of your cars in the winner's circle? It's time to strap in and find out.

Thunder Alley encompasses the feel and dynamics of real stock car racing without getting bogged down in the minutia. Drafting, passing, time and flat out speed, all of these will be required to get to the top and stay there. There may be some cause to rub a little paint, push your luck in your pitting strategy or simply knowing when to floor it and push for the finish line.

Strategy will play a huge part in your success in this game. You need to learn how to make your cars work together as a team but also when to break into another player's line and disrupt their rhythm. Can you pit this turn or stay out in front and collect a leader token? Is it time to stress your engine or hang back patiently?

Thunder Alley is first and foremost a game, designed by gamers and for gamers that uses the backdrop of auto racing to provide flavor and theme to the contest. But this is not a simulation, so every time we had to choose between realism and the game, we chose to favor game play. Because of that decision, Thunder Alley should be welcoming to gamers and racing fans alike. Knowing racing may give race fans an early edge, but the strategies in the game are open for anyone to learn. Stock car racing is about more that putting your foot on the floor and turning left. Hopefully that shines through in this game. So get on the track, buckle in, and have fun.

2 Double-side Game Boards (22in x 34in)
2 Counter Sheets
7 Playing Mats (8.5in x5.5in)
84 Racing Cards
26 Event Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-7
Game Length: 60-90 minutes

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