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Charioteer @ 46:09

The ground trembles under a thousand angry hoofbeats. Wheels creak and reins pull as racers drive their horses forward in a panic. You are a charioteer in the Circus Maximus, the greatest raceway in the ancient world.

A crescendo of noise builds with each lap. Chariots collide, whips crack. The crowd cheers for a surprising breakaway, rumbles as a favorite is damaged and falls behind. From the imperial box, the emperor laughs and shouts. Clouds of dust obscure the bright banners of the four factions.

Three hundred thousand fans are on their feet as you turn the final corner. This is not the finish they expected. You lead by a length, and only one rival remains; each throws the last of their energy into one final sprint. Many thousands are despondent, other thousands exultant and joyous. Their shouts become a roar, a long scream, as you surge for the finish line. Another hundred yards will make you a hero.

Charioteer is a new game from Sekigahara author Matt Calkins. Like Matt's previous games, Charioteer features simple rules, quick play, and novel mechanisms.

Charioteer is a strategic racing game that plays in one hour. Each player controls a chariot in the Circus Maximus of ancient Rome. There's lots of action, and it happens quickly, with simultaneous move selection.

2 Mounted Mapboards (17" x 22")
6 Wooden Chariots
147 Charioteer Cards
24 Skill Cards
6 Player Displays
30 Wooden Player Tokens
60 Wooden Fan Tokens
24 Skill Markers
1 Wooden Round Tracker
1 Draw Bag
1 Custom d6

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 60-120 minutes

• Hand Management
• Set Collection
• Simultaneous Action Selection